Steve Divnick is an engineer and inventor with over 40 years of business experience, product development, and distribution on a global scale. He has loyal customers in most countries of the world that include consumers and businesses who use or sell his products.

Steve Divnick has always made things. He grew up welding, cutting, machining, and modifying everything from bicycles to electrical wiring circuits. As a teenager and in his 20's, he built and raced motorcycles and off-road vehicles, and made them go faster and climb steeper. He developed a reputation for being able to "fix anything with a pair of pliers and some baling wire." If you were on a safari and your vehicle broke down, you would want Divnick to be on the trip!

After college, he taught physical education and was a guidance counselor at high schools in California and Michigan from 1973 to 1981 with a masters degree along the way. Even though he loved teaching, Divnick was drawn to his passion for mechanical creativity. He took a 2-year leave-of-absence from teaching in 1981 to devote more time to making and marketing his products. That leave-of-absence has now stretched out over several decades and resulted in several international businesses.

Divnick has invented and patented a variety of products for world-wide distribution through licensing agreements or companies he has formed.

Along the way, he came to understand that, while inventing and developing products was a great outlet for his creativity, business and marketing is the key to success.

He enjoys speaking to business groups and colleges about inventing, marketing, and self-employment with a motivational emphasis.

Product lines and inventions are reviewed further down this page.

Hobbies include golfing, boating, and time with his five adult children, eight grandchildren, and extended family.

Custom Van Pickup

Pickup-Van Custom Vehicle

One of the early creations was a prototype "Ultimate Truck Van" which became known as the "Ultruvan". It led the way to designs used today for tow vehicles in the RV industry as well as show-horse trailers. This "Ultruvan" was featured in magazines in the 1970's. Click here to see more pictures of the building process.

The Auto Light Sentry - Headlight Alert System

Another invention in the 1970's was an automotive alarm system that buzzed if the lights were left on after the engine was shut off. He called his original design, "The Auto Light Sentry" and sold it as an aftermarket kit that could be installed on existing cars. He first provided them to fellow teachers so they would remember to turn their lights off on foggy mornings. Orders began coming in from everywhere. The auto industry learned about it, and within 2 years they started offering it as an option on Cadillacs and other luxury cars, and within 5 years, it became a standard in the automotive industry. Modern digital versions are now standard features on every car sold in the world.

SLICK 50 and Demo Engines

While still a teacher in 1980, Divnick tried his hand at selling SLICK-50, a product that treated engines with Teflon to reduce friction and increase mileage. But he wasn't very successful using the company sales-pitch that was mostly talk, so he came up with a plastic window on the side of a lawn mower engine so people could see it running without oil...for hours at a time! This demonstration device helped him become the largest distributor in SLICK-50's history. Divnick purchased truck-loads of these engines from Briggs & Stratton and hired students to modify them with the customized see-through glass window shown here. He sold the demo engines to fellow distributors all over the world. SLICK-50 is now sold in major department store chains and the see-through engines are still used to demonstrate Teflon metal-coating products.


Divnick became an instrument-rated pilot in 1982. He flew his Cessna 210, fully loaded with Slick 50 demo engines, to cities from Maine to California where he held product and recruiting events. He developed a passion for vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft (VTOL) that continues today. He has experimented with models and believes a full version of his design will lift the payload of a helicopter and match the airspeed of a fixed wing airplane.

Rotary Engine

Another long-term project is developing a rotary cylinder combustion engine that Divnick believes will improve on the efficiency and emissions drawbacks of the Wankel/Mazda design. When completed, it could be as little as 1/3rd the weight, have 1/2 the moving parts, and produce 50% more power than a conventional engine on the same amount of fuel. His goal is to challenge the traditional automotive engine market and have a light-weight dependable power plant for his VTOL aircraft. Of course, this would also go a long ways in reducing the world's dependency on oil.

Fund Raising

In 1985, he created and patented a fund-raising device called the "Spiral Wishing Well". Thousands of Wells have been sold to stores, restaurants, charities, museums, zoos, and many other locations. They have raised over $1 billion for charities around the world. The one-day record is currently over $40,000! He added a miniature toy model in 1987, shown below. This product line continues to be one of Divnick's favorite because the money raised has done such wonderful things...from saving lives with transplants, sending blind children to summer camp, and much more. By the way, Divnick never receives any ongoing splits...100% of the money raised always goes to the listed charity. He states, "My job is to provide the Wells and the best-use strategies to maximize their income."

Golf Products

Steve Divnick is considered by many in the golf industry as, “The Most Interesting Man in Golf for his unique golf inventions and manufacturing innovations for over 30 years. Here is a summary with further descriptions farther down.

  • His Whole-In-One Adjustable Loft Telescopic Golf Clubs with a transmission inside the head have made it possible to always have a “full set of clubs” while traveling without the hassle and cost of transporting a traditional bag of clubs.
  • His Big Stik is the World’s Longest Driver at 5 feet long with a head that is nearly twice the legal size. It is most often used as an exhibition club at charity golf outings where everyone gets to drive with it. Divnick says, “If you can time the swing, you can hit it a country mile…you just don’t always know what country it will land in!”
  • He has made 20-foot long drivers, clubs with 4 heads, 9-foot putters, and several other unique clubs for trick shot performers.
  • His latest innovation is “Golf Ebikes” which are transforming the way people play the game. “They speed up the game because you can ride straight to your own ball, and they provide smooth rotational exercise at the same time…or, you can use all-throttle and ride them like a scooter.”
  • His club-assembly techniques have revolutionized how clubs are made. His shaft-cutting fixtures can cut 20 shafts at a time, and his pressurized air grip tool installs grips 5 times faster than messy double-sided tape and solvent.

Adjustable Golf Club - Divnick

Divnick took up the game of golf in 1988, and thought it was unnecessary and cumbersome carrying a huge and heavy set of clubs around. He started working on a club with a transmission in the club head that could be locked on the various lofts of a conventional set. After four years of development and testing, he patented the Whole-In-One DIVNICK™ and now ships it around the world. It also has a telescopic shaft, so it collapses short enough for easy travel. Now you can play the entire game with just one club. The loft can be adjusted to replicate every club in your bag, including drivers and putters...and even half lofts. So it has twice as many lofts as a normal full set of clubs.

Telescopic Golf Clubs

Shortly after introducing the adjustable club, he began to make telescopic drivers and putters for players that wanted to hit the ball farther than the shorter adjustable club was capable of doing, and have the more conventional feel of a normal putter. This led to a full line of telescopic clubs for easy travel without the excessive extra baggage fees.


Building custom clubs for industry and trick shot performers led to the development of "The World's Longest and Largest Production Driver!" It is almost DOUBLE the size of the largest drivers on the market, and the shaft is FIVE FEET LONG when extended and collapses down to just 35 inches (89 cm)!

It is primarily used as for fund raising at charity golf outings where everyone gets to hit it for a donation to the charity, but is also purchased as a gift for those golfers who think they have everything related to golf, and by golfers who like to stand out. It makes a great conversation starter in an office.

Click here to read more about these new titanium drivers.


Golf Ebikes and Bag Carriers

One of our latest inventions is Golf Ebikes and the "Quick-Attach Golf Bag Carrier."

They are fun and speed up the game which will attract and retain more golfers. Ebikes let you fly around the course in record time. They have "Intelligent Pedal Assist" so you can get as much exercise as you want, or you can use the throttle and let the bike do all the work. Click here or on the picture to read more about ebikes and the Golf Bag Carriers.






Divnick was a pioneer in the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) industry. He founded Voxwire in 2002 and developed it into one of the premier online virtual meeting room providers in the world. Divnick also licensed the technology to other resellers and eventually sold Voxwire. This technology is now used by millions of people, businesses, schools, churches, and governments around the world.

iBizGrams.com was established to send digital business-class ecards on motivation, appreciation, announcements, congratulations, and teamwork. After operating it for 5 years, we sold it to a major company that has blended it into their offering of ecards. Click here to send business class ecards.

Divnick's family has always enjoyed watersports. Divnick designed a houseboat with a unique boat lift on the back in 2000. In 2011 he designed the second generation houseboat and reengineered and patented the ski-boat lift which he now licenses to the houseboat and yacht industries. In addition to full-size boat lifts, he also invented a jetski lift system that lets you ride your jetski up onto the rails without the use of winches. You can also unload while the main boat is underway...a process that would make James Bond jealous! Click here to see movies, pictures, and descriptions.


CAMAS - Consumers and Merchants Association

Divnick is currently in development of a Consumer and Merchant Association that will outflank Google and Amazon and will capture the holy grail of commerce from "search to purchase," including local monthly family spending. It uses a proprietary formula that will reward consumers for referring new members, and will guarantee profit for participating merchants. It will be free to join, no kits or products to buy, members will not sell anything. It will tap into existing family spending including groceries, gas, insurance, utilities, and all local services...and online purchases. Full details will be available when the program is ready to launch.