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Divnick International has grown from a small innovative company in 1980 to product lines and a group of companies that serve a global market. Divnick is responsible for creating some unique products that are now industry standards. One of the first was the warning systems that remind you to turn your car's lights off. Modern digital versions are now standard on every car sold in the world. Click here to read more information about his inventions.

Some of his other patented products have been sold or licensed to various industries, but Divnick continues to manufacture and distribute some of his lines described below.

Spiral Wishing Wells - Over $1 Billion Raised for Charity!

Over $1 billion has been raised around the world for various charities, museums, zoos, and other organizations in these amazing coin funnels. Divnick made the first Well as an offering device for the children in his church. He also showed one to the Dayton Ohio Air Force Museum where it has raised over $3 million and still going strong! The one-day record is $40,979 at a church that used Divnick's "Event Strategies" which motivate people to do a lot more than just empty their pockets.

Click here to see the "Mini-Well Coin Bank" They are "interactive" so you can make the coins climb back up the funnel, or just have fun watching them spin down the throat. Our Student Guide includes the educational elements (physics, planetary orbits, tornados, and whirlpools). So it is great for Show-and-Tell. Teachers use them to illustrate the various educational elements.

Adjustable "Whole-In-One" Golf Club

Play the whole game with just one club. The transmission adjusts to all the traditional lofts, plus half-lofts. The telescopic shaft closes short enough to fit into a brief case or roller bag for travel. You can also include your name or corporate logo.

Telescopic Drivers, Putters, and other clubs

Divnick also makes telescopic drivers, putters, and any other clubs you would like. The telescopic shafts make traveling with golf clubs much easier and less expensive because you don't have to pay for an additional golf bag. The telescopic shafts are as solid as regular shafts.

Divnick also makes, "The World's Longest and Largest Driver!" It is 5-feet long and nearly twice the size of regular drivers.

Divnick has also built custom clubs for industry and trick shot performers including a 9-foot long putter and a 30-foot long driver.

This led to the development of "The World's Longest and Largest Production Driver!" It is almost DOUBLE the size of the largest drivers on the market, and the shaft is FIVE FEET LONG when extended and collapses down to just 35 inches (89 cm)!

The BIG STIK can hit the ball farther than any other driver in the world, but without the control necessary for regular play. It is "illegal" in every way, so it can't be used for sanctioned tournaments.

It is primarily used for fund raising at charity golf outings where everyone gets to hit it for a donation to the charity. The outing-package makes it easy for golf outings to raise an easy $1,000 to $5,000 with this driver.

It is also purchased as a gift for golfers who "think" they have everything related to golf, and by golfers who like to stand out. It makes a great conversation starter in an office.

Click here to read more about these new titanium drivers.


Golf Ebikes and Bag Carriers

One of our latest inventions is Golf Ebikes and the "Quick-Attach Golf Bag Carrier."

They are fun and speed up the game which will attract and retain more golfers. Ebikes let you fly around the course in record time. They have "Intelligent Pedal Assist" so you can get as much exercise as you want, or you can use the throttle and let the bike do all the work. Click here or on the picture to read more about ebikes and the Golf Bag Carriers.


Houseboat and Yacht Boat Lifts

These unique boat lifts offer many benefits not found on other boat lifts. They operate straight up and down and are completely out of the water when up. Also, your ski boat, wakeboard boat, or fishing boat can be loaded backwards if you need to work on the engine, prop, or outdrive. Because the entire device is hidden within the platform, no one will know how you got your boat up there!!!

Divnick has created two styles of innovative PWC Rails for houseboats, yachts, private docks and piers. These include Winch-Up Tilt-Up models that mount on swim platforms, and Ride-On-Self-Leveling models that would make James Bond jealous. Click here to see pictures and descriptions.

(PWC is short for "Personal Water Craft" such as Seadoos, Yamaha Waverunners, Polaris, Kawasaki, and other Jet Skis)


Voxwire Online Voice Conferencing Systems

Divnick was a pioneer in the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) industry. He founded Voxwire in 2002 and developed it into one of the premier online virtual meeting room providers in the world. Divnick also licensed the technology to other resellers and eventually sold Voxwire. Virtual meetings and VOIP technology are now used by millions of people, businesses, schools, churches, and governments around the world with companies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Go To Meeting.


CAMAS - Consumers and Merchants Association

Divnick is currently in development of a Consumer and Merchant Association that will outflank Google and Amazon and will capture the holy grail of commerce from "search to purchase," including local monthly family spending. It uses a proprietary formula that will reward consumers for referring new members, and will guarantee profit for participating merchants. It will be free to join, no kits or products to buy, members will not sell anything. It will tap into existing family spending including groceries, gas, insurance, utilities, and all local services...and online purchases. Full details will be available when the program is ready to launch.




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