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  • Telescopic Chest Putters - $100 Discount This Month!

The normal price for our Telescopic Chest Putters is $249. If you place your order before the end of this month, the price is $149 plus an additional 10% discount if you order 3 or more clubs.  Just enter "10%" (without the quotes) in the Coupon Code during checkout.

***This special discount pricing is available until midnight on the last day of this month***

Full descriptive information about these unique Chest Putters is on http://divnickgolf.com/telescopic/long.html

PAYMENT METHODS: You can use a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, or PayPal.  If you want to use Pay Pal, click here for instructions before placing your order.

Right Hand Only - We only have right handed Pole-Kat Heads.  If you want a different head, let us know at sales@divnick.com and we will show you some options.

Standard One-Piece Shaft - You also have the option of purchasing this chest putter with a standard one-piece shaft for -$20

Chest Putter Grip Options: The standard grip is a 2 piece black Karma grip with white highlights. Most people order the Deluxe Winn grip for an additional $15 which provides a great look and feel. This is the same grip used by many of the professionals on the PGA and Senior Tours.

Head Cover: Most people also order a head cover which easily slips over the head with a Velcro closure. This not only protects the putter head, but more importantly, it prevents damage on your driver and fairway heads while pulling and replacing them in the bag.  Since the chest putter is the longest club, it is prone to clang into the other clubs and cause damage without a padded head cover.  The custom padded head covers are $15 if ordered with the club, and $20 if ordered separately.

Lengths: Length refers to the "overall" length of the club, from the end of the grip to the bottom of the head. You can see in the drop-down menu below that we offer several lengths for our standard telescopic putters, including extra long for an additional $20, or extra extra long for $40. You can read more about lengths and fitting on www.divnickgolf.com/telescopic/long.html.  Because of variables with shaft construction, final long-putter lengths can be plus-or-minus 1/2" of the selected length. If you want a custom length not shown below, or if you want to discuss having us install a telescopic shaft to your head, please contact us at sales@divnick.com or call 937-985-5863 (9 am to 9 pm Eastern USA).

Adjustable Length: We also have Adjustable Length shafts that let you set the shaft to any length between 38" and 52" and change it as often as you wish. This is a $50 upgrade.

Please select the shaft length, grip option, and whether or not you want a head cover from the Options list.

If you want to order more than one, please order one at a time.  In other words, select the Options for the first club, add it to the Cart, then repeat the process for the second club.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you are outside the USA, shipping rates will not be available using the rate-finder or during checkout. We will quickly get shipping quotes from multiple sources, and email them to you. We will NOT process your credit card until you reply with your shipping choice. Alternatively, you can send an email to sales@divnick.com with your full shipping address and the product(s) you want to purchase, and we will reply with shipping options before you submit your order here.

Checkout Procedures

After you have ordered your club(s), click the black Cart box in the upper right corner, then the word "Checkout" and follow the prompts.

Telescopic Chest Putters - $100 Discount This Month!

  • Product Code: Chest Putters
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $149.00

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