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  • Coin-Slot Fund Raising Sign Toppers

This page is ONLY for ordering Sign Toppers by themselves.  They are less expensive if you order them along WITH Mini-Well Vortx's here.

You can read all about the Coin-Slot Sign Toppers on http://www.spiralwishingwells.com/toy/topper.html.

Sign Toppers turn your Mini-Well Vortx® into a great fund raising tool or church offering device.  The coin-slots launch every coin on a perfect path for maximum performance.  You can insert any 4x6 inch sign or message into the sandwich frame.

Included in each Topper "kit" is the Sign Topper itself, 2 screws, and double-stick tape to hold the launch ramps on the funnel as shown here.


They are $20 each if ordered on this page.  But if you order them along with Vortx's, they are only $15 each and there is no additional shipping cost.  

Also, if you order Sign Toppers at the same time as Vortx's, we will drill the 2 mounting holes in the top of the coin-launch ramps for you.  If you order them separately, you will need to drill the holes as shown here.

You can order them WITH Vortx's at the discounted price by clicking here.

PAYMENT METHODS: You can use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX credit or debit card, or PayPal. 

Coin-Slot Fund Raising Sign Toppers

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